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The Easiest Way to Buy and Sell Second Hand Guns

We offer a dedicated service for private UK gun sellers, gun buyers and enthusiasts, which welcomes 400,000+ visitors every month. GunTrader is the UK's leading resource for licensed buyers and private sellers of second hand guns, used shotguns and rifles. Alternatively, if you want to get advice or discuss weaponry topics with your fellow members, our forum is the perfect place to chat with other like minded individuals.

For buyers

If you're looking to buy new or second hand guns, we constantly update our directory of guns for sale, ensuring a massive range of models whatever your budget. If you're looking for that special one-off piece you've been desperately searching for, post an advert on our Guns Wanted page, and you will receive an email whenever a matching gun is advertised. We also have a simple search process which enables you to quickly find the guns, equipment and accessories you're looking for.

For sellers

With between 11,500 - 16,000 visitors every single day, advertising second hand guns on GunTrader exposes your gun to more potential buyers than ever before. Posting an advert is quick and easy - simply enter the gun's details including make and model, type, condition and price, along with your details, and potential buyers will be able to contact you with their interest. We also provide traders with a simple and new way to increase their sales.

Featured guns

BRNO Bolt Action RifleBRNO Bolt Action RifleBRNO Bolt Action RifleBRNO Bolt Action RifleBRNO Bolt Action Rifle

BRNO Bolt Action Rifle

.22 LR, 452 Varmint
£400 (S/H) @ US$625/€563
NorthumberlandView Details

Franchi Over and Under ShotgunFranchi Over and Under ShotgunFranchi Over and Under ShotgunFranchi Over and Under ShotgunFranchi Over and Under Shotgun

Franchi Over and Under Shotgun

12 gauge, 451
£100 (S/H) @ US$156/€141
HampshireView Details

BSA Break Barrel - Spring Air RifleBSA Break Barrel - Spring Air RifleBSA Break Barrel - Spring Air RifleBSA Break Barrel - Spring Air RifleBSA Break Barrel - Spring Air Rifle

BSA Break Barrel - Spring Air Rifle

.22, Lightning Xl Se
£280 (S/H) @ US$437/€394
EssexView Details

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