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For more than 20 years, Theoben manufactured high quality air rifles with reliability, accuracy and precision crafted into their core. For the discerning air rifle shooter, Theoben models set the standard for air guns across the world. Now no longer trading under Theoben, the older guns produced by the company have been described as “built like nothing else”. The build quality seen in earlier models is extremely high, offering a superb shooting experience for seasoned sportspeople.

Theoben models at guntrader

Although famous for the world-renowned MKII, Theoben produced a complete range of outstanding air rifles which you can now find for sale in guntrader’s online listings. With over 1,000 registered sellers, guntrader constantly updates listings with new air rifles, so return often to find your desired Theoben model. We list models in a broad selection of calibres, barrel lengths and styles including:

• Sirroco
• Rapid 7
• Eliminator

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    Make Model Variant Calibre Barrel Cast PriceSort Order Age Location
  5 Images Theoben Sirroco .177 19" Ambidextrous £295 S/H Somerset
    Theoben Eliminator .22 R/H £300 S/H Hampshire
    Theoben Eliminator .22 R/H £300 S/H Northamptonshire
  5 Images Theoben Eliminator HE [ 24FT-LB FAC VERSION ] .20 22" R/H £300 S/H Somerset
    Theoben .22 R/H £325 S/H Hampshire
  3 Images Theoben Eliminator HE .20 21" R/H £325 S/H West Sussex
  3 Images Theoben Sirroco-HE .22 R/H £350 S/H Buckinghamshire
  1 Images Theoben Sirroco .177 L/H £350 S/H Hertfordshire
    Theoben Sirroco .22 L/H £375 S/H Dorset
    Theoben Eliminator FAC .22 16" R/H £395 S/H Hampshire
  3 Images Theoben Evolution Walnut .22 R/H £395 S/H West Sussex
  4 Images Theoben Evolution .177 R/H £399 S/H Worcestershire
  3 Images Theoben Rapid 7 .22 R/H £450 S/H Lincolnshire
    Theoben Rapid 12 .20 R/H £450 S/H Warwickshire
  5 Images Theoben Crusader FAC .22 R/H £495 S/H Oxfordshire
  5 Images Theoben Rapid 7 .22 R/H £499 S/H Cambridgeshire
  2 Images Theoben Evolution-Thumbhole .22 R/H £499 S/H Buckinghamshire
    Theoben Eliminator .177 R/H £500 S/H Buckinghamshire
  1 Images Theoben Rapid 7 .22 R/H £550 S/H Shropshire
  4 Images Theoben Rapid250 12/50 FAC .25 24" R/H £575 S/H West Sussex
  5 Images Theoben Rapid MKII Threaded .22 R/H £575 S/H Shropshire
  5 Images Theoben Rapid 7 FAC with Profile stock .22 16" R/H £599 S/H Cambridgeshire
    Theoben Rapid MKII .22 17" R/H £620 S/H Essex
  3 Images Theoben Rapid MKII FAC .22 R/H £650 S/H Cambridgeshire
  1 Images Theoben MK 2 .20 20" R/H £695 S/H Herefordshire
  3 Images Theoben Rapid 7 .22 R/H £695 S/H Lincolnshire
    Theoben Rapid 7 .22 R/H £695 S/H Hampshire
    Theoben Rapid 12 .22 R/H £750 S/H Hampshire
  2 Images Theoben Rapid MKI .22 R/H £750 S/H Bedfordshire
  2 Images Theoben Rapid MKII Custom FAC 15-40Ftlbs .22 22" R/H £799 S/H Buckinghamshire
  5 Images Theoben Elan Limited Edition No 2 of 50 .177 R/H £1400 New Cambridgeshire
    Theoben Rapid 12 .22 R/H £poa S/H Hampshire
    Theoben Rapid MKII .22 R/H £poa S/H Hertfordshire
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